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1 Links to Technologies we will be using for instruction in CS1110/1111

Course website:

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2 Overview

Welcome! In this course, we have two main goals - to teach you the skill of programming and the art of computer science. Having the ability to write and understand simple programs has become increasingly more important. The concepts and principles you pick up in this class will give you the ability to take an algorithm or problem in your chosen field and write a program that will help you do your job quicker, easier, and more reliably.

2.1 Lecture Sections

There will be a live Zoom lecture session that you are invited to attend on MWF 2:00-2:50 (local UVA time). Recordings of these sessions will be posted afterwards. Join here

2.2 Lab Sections

Lab sessions will be held on Zoom on Thursdays. Lab assignments will be due at the end of lab.

3 Other Introduction to Programming Offerings

CS 1110 and CS 1111 are both “general” introductions to programming, providing an overview of topics suitable for all majors. There are also other Introduction to Programming offerings at UVa:

CS 1112
Covers the same material as CS 1110/1111, but is organized based on the assumption that none of the students have any prior programming experience. By contrast, CS 1110 assumes most students have no prior programming experience; CS 1111 assumes all students do have prior programming experience.
Placement Test
If you have programmed before, you can likely place out of Introduction to Programming entirely. Placement tests are offered online at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. If you pass the placement test, we advise taking CS 2110 to expand your programming ability further. To take the placement test, send an email to and let them know that you want to take the “CS1110 Placement Exam”.