September 8, 2016

Activity 1: Login and Record Attendance

We will be taking roll in lab each week! Please come to your assigned lab to be counted present!

If you are in an Olsson lab, click "Lab Attendance" on the left-hand menu in Collab to register your attendance and keep up with your lab grade.

You must do this from a machine in Olsson 001 and not your laptop. If you have trouble, talk to your lab TA.

Activity 2: Pairing

For this and all subsequent labs, you will work in pairs.

We will use a model called "pair programming" in this class. There are a few things to know about successful pairing under this model:

  • 2 minds, 1 focus. If at any point the two of you are doing distinct things, such as each typing on your own computer or each looking at your own piece of paper, then you are not pairing properly.
  • Driver and Navigator. At any given point in time, one partner will be the "driver", controlling the keyboard, pencil, or other tool currently being used. The other will be the "navigator," observing and commenting on the driver's actions
  • Equality and Communication. Driver and navigator are equal partners; the ideas of both are equally important, and both should talk, both should listen when the other speaks, and both should treat the other's ideas with respect.
  • Switch Roles. Which partner is driving should change at least every 15-20 minutes, if not more often.

Pairing in this model has many advantages both from a productivity and learning standpoint. One of these is generally an increase the intensity of focus, which can get tiring. Feel free to take breaks every now and then, but try not to distract other pairs during your breaks.

For more hints on successful pairing, you might want to watch this 10-minute video on your own time:

Activity 3: Art Contest

Your goal with this lab is to make the neatest picture you can using the turtle and any example code we have provided. You can use any of the code posted on the lecture notes as a starting point, or you can use your own.

Make sure to look at the Turtle API (Remember: the API is the "list of things that you can do")


Save a picture of your image by taking a screenshot and then cropping down to just your image.

Submit a .png file to the Turtle Art Gallery on Dropbox: Make sure to title your file like this:


Use 930, 1100, 1230, 200, 330, 500, 630, or 800 along with either OLS or RICE for your lab location so we can keep all the labs together and we know who you are!

Then put in BOTH of your computing IDs, separated by dashes.

The staff will pick our favorite images, with prizes awarded next lab!