September 15, 2016

Activity 1: Login and Record Attendance

We will be taking roll in lab each week! Please come to your assigned lab to be counted present!

If you are in an Olsson lab, click "Lab Attendance" on the left-hand menu in Collab to register your attendance and keep up with your lab grade.

You must do this from a machine in Olsson 001 and not your laptop. If you have trouble, talk to your lab TA. Students in Lab 109 will do attendance via direction from the TA.

Activity 2: Take Quiz 1

While you are waiting for lab to start, click on Tests & Quizzes in Collab from either the desktop or laptop and take Quiz 1 - a very short review quiz on the material we have covered thus far. If you do not complete it today, you have until Sunday to do so.

Activity 3: Recitation

The TAs will do a quick review lesson on data types before moving on to the in-lab activity.

Activity 4: Building a Magic 8 Ball

Your goal in this lab is to work with a partner write a program called The program will prompt the user to ask a question of the magic 8 ball. Your program should respond with a randomly-chosen answer from a list of answers that you create.

For example, a run of your program could look like this:

What question do you wish to ask the 8 ball?: Will I get a good grade in CS 1110?
You asked the 8 ball: Will I get a good grade in CS 1110?
The 8 ball says: "All signs point to yes!"

For this assignment, we are not auto-grading your results. So feel free to be creative with the prompts and responses! (Within reason, of course...)

We will, however, look at how you wrote the code. Specifically, how you solved the problem. How did you read in the question? How did you setup your list of responses? How easy would it be to add another response? Is it truly random?

Submission: Each partner should submit one .py file named to Archimedes (the submission system): Please put both partners' names and id's in two comments at the top of the file.