October 6, 2016

Activity 1: Login and Record Attendance

We will be taking roll in lab each week! Please come to your assigned lab to be counted present!

If you are in an Olsson lab, click "Lab Attendance" on the left-hand menu in Collab to register your attendance and keep up with your lab grade.

You must do this from a machine in Olsson 001 and not your laptop. If you have trouble, talk to your lab TA. Students in Lab 109 will do attendance via direction from the TA.

Activity 2: No Quiz this week!

Taking a week off since there was a test last week.

Activity 3: Pairing

Find some folks to work with! You can work in teams up to 3 this week!

Activity 4: Starting Out

The TAs will give an overview of the activity, in which you learn a bit more about encryption and (hopefully) see how difficult it might be!

Activity 4: Get your cards!

You need to come up with your own encryption scheme for this lab. Your algorithm cannot be a 1-to-1 correspondence from card to letter. In other words, you just can't do Ace of Hearts is 'A', 2 of Hearts is 'B', etc. You must be creative here! Do something a bit devious (but still decryptable)!

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Get a deck of cards and consider how you could encrypt the following message: break was too short
  2. You'll record everything about today's lab here: Google Form for Lab Submission So, open a text document and start keeping all your answers so you can submit this at the end of the lab.
  3. Work with your partners to come up with your encryption scheme (cipher) and then encrypt the exact message above.
  4. Encrypt the message and stack the deck so the message is read from top to bottom. Place the Jokers at the end of your message to separate it from the rest of the deck.

Activity 5: Decrypt a message

You'll now trade your deck with another group. Your task is to try to reverse engineer the other group's encryption algorithm. You know the message! See if you can figure it out!

Record your best guess on the same form as before: Google Form for Lab Submission

Activity 6: Debrief

Get with the group you traded with and compare notes. Did you get it right? How hard was it? What information did you need? Could you have done it with more time? Write down your thoughts again on the same form, and then submit: Google Form for Lab Submission