Due: Tuesday, November 15, 11:00 AM

For this POTD, you should take the basic game you created in the gamebox lab and add and improve upon it. You must include at least 4 of the following features for your game. However - the exact game you make is totally up to you!

For information on getting gamebox setup, please see the lab assignment at

Your game should be different than your partner's!!! You can start from the same base code, but try to expand in different ways!

  1. The ability to jump - To do this, set the yspeed to a value like -15 when the user taps the space bar. However, you ONLY want this to work if the character is touching the ground.
  2. Other platforms - Instead of just having ground, create a list of walls (to which you can add ground). Then, you can add more walls and platforms to this list and then have a loop (for wall in walls:) where you check if your character is touching any platform.
  3. Enemy - See if you can make another character that always moves toward your character.
  4. Coins - Add coins to the level that can be picked up by the character with a counter that appears on the screen.
  5. Scrolling level - Make it so you can keep going off the screen! (You may need to add a background image to make this more obvious.)
  6. Timer - Have a countdown (or count up) timer for your game.
  7. Health meter - Have a health meter that changes as you hit enemies/obstacles.

NOTE: This game should NOT use any other files other than and to simplify submission. You can load resources from the web, but we will not accept any supplemental files this time. So it is advised to limit your usage of images and definitely sounds and music. (NOTE: We have seen more issues with Macs with loading images and sounds from URLs, so we advise against doing this. Also, if you have trouble with text on your Mac, please come by office hours or just avoid using text for now.)

You will be able to find gamebox and some example code at We will be adding more example code as we move through POTD 16 and the project.

You should also download and look over the gamebox API and introduction - gamebox.pdf

Submission: Please submit one .py file named to the POTD submission system at NOTE: There is no automatic grading for this assignment! You will receive no preliminary feedback!