1 Rate your TAs

The CS 111x TAs work hard to make this coruse run as well as it does. Since UVA’s course feedback system does not have an obvious place to rate TAs, they often don’t get a lot of feedback. Please take a moment to fill out the feedback for for your lab’s TAs:

Section Time Place Feedback form
1110-100 9:30–10:45AM Olsson 001 feedback for Monique Mezher, Anthony Quach, David Stolz
1110-101 11:00–12:15PM Olsson 001 feedback for Matthew Aldridge, Kamile Foster, Winston Frick
1110-102 12:30–1:45PM Olsson 001 feedback for Sebastian Lerner, Alyssa Proto, Rachel Weaver
1110-103 2:00–3:15PM Olsson 001 feedback for Sahana Arkalgud, Sophie Mester, Ajay Patel
1110-104 3:30–4:45PM Olsson 001 feedback for William Greyeski, Stephen Reed, Summer Thompson
1110-105 5:00–6:15PM Olsson 001 feedback for Justin Barry, David Stolz, Katherine Vinson
1110-106 6:30–7:45PM Olsson 001 feedback for Gabriel Groover, Maria Schweitzer, Claire Veasey
1110-107 11:00–12:15PM Mec 213 feedback for John Perales, Callie Phillips, Madeline Watkins
1110-108 3:30–4:45PM Mec 213 feedback for Marco Gomez-Wong, Caroline McNichols, Emily Zhou
1110-109 5:00–6:15PM Mec 213 feedback for Zach Danz, Laura Maimon, Kathleen Ross
1110-110 6:30–7:45PM Mec 213 feedback for Melony Benis, Monique Mezher, Patrick Myers
All Varies Stacks feedback for Ali Burke, Nathalia Dunlap, Pamela Gregoretti, Irena Huang, Abey Koolipurackal, Michael Morris, Naomi-Grace Panlaqui, Eric Pawela, Kavya Ravikani, Yuyi Taylor, Henry Weber

Want to give feedback for other TAs (not in your lab) too? Feel free!

2 Course Evals

There are also evals for this and every other course you are enrolled in in Collab. As a general rule we only read the evals for lecture sections, so there is no obvious reason to submit evals for lab sections.

3 Review Activity

3.1 Quiz Game

Form up teams for the CS 1110 review quiz game! Our quiz game tool is simple (so much so you have to use the right link for your room), but it will let us review with a (hopefully) fun element of competition.

One (1) member of each team should go to the proper link for your lab room:

Olsson 001         Mec 213

3.2 TA-led review

With remaining time, the TAs will lead a review of other course material.