Instructor office hours are held in their respective offices; see the syllabus for times and places.

TA office hours are held in Stacks, the large room on the second floor of Thorton A-wing, Sunday through Thursday from 3 to 9pm. Office hours sometimes get busy; to request a TA, use the office hour queue.

The Queue

The office hour queue contains a description of its design, but the short version is:

  • When there are few people waiting, you may take as much TA time as you want.
  • When there are several people waiting, the more TA time you take now the longer it will be before a TA comes again: short targeted questions are best in busy times.
  • Your position in line is based not on how long you’ve been waiting but instead based on when you last got TA help. Thus, in busy times it is in your interest to wait until you’ve got your question clear before entering the queue and to retract your request if you solve it before a TA arrives.

We periodically post a snapshot of office hour utilization patterns on its own page