1 Task

Write a program called greeting.py. When run, it should print out six lines of text. The first should include your name; the second should include something you’d like the course staff to know about you. The final 4 lines should each complete the statements below (all these appear in the syllabus):

  • Posts containing significant portions of the solution to assignments are _____ and will be penalized as such.

  • You must write your own code. Not just type it (though you need to do that too): compose it yourself, as your own ____ work.

  • The ____ ____ is also where you see your grade and any feedback on it, and is also how you can submit a regrade request for an assignment.

  • To attend TA office hours, you will have to tell TA’s your ____ account, so they can connect with you.

In addition to the code to print that information, your greeting.py file should contain a comment with a different thing you’d like us to know about you.

2 Example Output

Prof. Pettit might submit a program that prints something like

Hi, I'm Prof. Pettit.
I just hosted an online Zoom wedding for my daughter.
answer 1
answer 2
answer 3
answer 4

Where the last 4 lines are your actual answers to the syllabus blanks.

…and has a comment in it like this:

# I've been teaching computer science for 16 years.