Lecture 1 (Tychonievich) - Welcome!

Lecture Date: Monday, January 12

Welcome back to UVa!

Today is our traditional first day of class: syllbus et cetera.

A syllabus is just a list of words they don’t know yet.
—Seth Reichelson

But first, let’s get one thing out of the way… my name is pronounced “Tai CON uh vitch.”

Things we’ll discuss today:

  • Course staff: David Edwards, Mark Sherriff, myself, and the TAs.
  • Course website / Piazza
  • The waitlist
  • Computer / software
  • Lab this week
  • Lab access
  • POTDs
  • Your questions:

    • Q: How old is the prof? A: 33±1
    • Q: What is your favourite ____? A: I don’t understand how favourites can be
    • Q: Are you a minister? A: Like many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I am a lay minister.
    • Q: Should I bring a laptop to lecture? A: I’ll ask for them a few times, but in general it depends on how you take notes. If you bring them, try not to distract your fellow students.
    • Q: Mac or PC? A: Sure, or Linux or BSD.
    • Q: Can waitlisted people ____? A: Collab: no. Website: yes. POTD submission: no. Lab this week: yes. Lab after that: no.
    • Q: Can we code early? A: Yes.
    • Q: What do we do before assignment 1? A: Get ready for assignment 1.
    • Q: Can students in school/college ____ enroll in 111_? A: Yes, if there is space.
    • Q: Is there a lab swap deadline? A: more-or-less the Add deadline.
    • Q: 1110/1111/1112? A: 1110 and 1111 have the same assignments and grading scale, but 1111 has no labs and is aimed at people with some prior programming experience while 1110 does have labs and is aimed at people with no prior programming experience. 1112 has the same learning objectives as 1110/1111 but reaches that goal via a very different path and is restricted to those with no prior programming experience.
    • Q: What is the greatest challenge for students in this class? A: Stress caused by it not “clicking” until late in the semester. Relax. If you keep up with the work and pay attention, it will make sense, and you will do OK as long as you try.