1 Alexander Monaco

Hey folks, I’m a 3rd year in the College studying Computer Science and Music along with a minor in Astronomy. When I’m not suffering due to schoolwork, I enjoy composing and obliterating my friends in overly-competitive games of Smash.

Like our benevolent leader Sean, I’ve also interned with NASA and would be happy to talk to you about that or more exciting things like music and the follies of capitalism!

Many students often ask me the best way to study for the exams. Click here for more

2 Anna Morse

Hey everyone, I’m a third year studying computer science and philosophy. I love running, reading, backpacking, doing yoga, and tending to the two avocado trees I’m growing in my room right now. This semester I’m determined to learn how to rock climb despite a fear of heights, so you might find me repeatedly falling off the rock wall at Slaughter.

3 Caroline Britt

Hey guys! My name is Caroline Britt and I am a second year majoring in Computer Science and applying to the Comm school. Outside of school, I love photography, listening to podcasts, watching D.C. and UVA sports, and exploring cville restaurants with my friends (current favorite is Lampo)! I hope you all love this class as much as I did!

4 Iain Muir

Hi! I’m a second year from Great Falls, VA. I am hoping to study Finance at McIntire (just applied this semester) with a minor in Computer Science. CS1110 was one of my favorite classes and it was what got me interested in minoring in CS; this will be my first semester being a TA for CS1110. Outside of school, I enjoy all things basketball (playing, UVA, LeBron), creating and solving crossword puzzles, and photography. My fun fact is that I have watched every episode of the TV show Psych probably 9 times.

5 Jennifer Liao (廖湘)

Hello! I am a third year computer science major in the College. I can usually be spotted wearing the same outerwear as my photo all year round. Outside of class, if I’m not in Clark grinding away due to my inability not to procrastinate, I’m at the AFC dance practice rooms dancing with my kpop dance organization (Apex). My fun fact is that I have daily 3 hour dates with Youtube (procrastination at its finest).

6 Ray Pettit

I love teaching programming! Fun fact: I was a full-time software developer for 12 years before getting going back to school to get a Ph.D. in Computer Science. This picture is from my crazy days working in industry.