The Email Hunt Test Page!

Here are some easy emails you definitely should be able to find:

A basic email that's easy to get would be . Now, we could also take that email and change it a bit, putting it in link like this.

Some email addresses might have more than one domain such as Note that you should only have once in your output. If you now have it three times, you should fix that. :-)

In general, an email address is letters, numbers, hyphens, and periods with one at-sign inside. After the at-sign there is always at least one period, and the last part after the period is at least two letters long and contains only letters (e.g., .edu or .us or .ventures). So you can have strange ones like or but not not-an-address@edu or not-an-address@virginia.x or no-numbers@end.c3f.

Here are some more tricky emails for you to find:

Some people like to mess with their email so that (theoretically) a machine can't read it. So if I said my email was no-at-sign at, can you handle that? What if I said it was no-at-or-dot at virginia dot edu? What if I mixed them up, like first dot at cs.virginia dot edu? Or added parentheses and stranger spacing and capitalisation like with-parenthesis(at)Virginia (dot)EDU?

Some others like to add special words to hopefully elude spam. Such as added-words1@virginia.eduNOSPAM or

An email adress The period is not part of the address; it's just punctuation in the text.

Note that when we test the program we'll use a page with a different set of emails, though those same forms of obfuscation will still be used.

Here are some ridiculous ones that are for bonus credit:

No email in this line: I once met mst3k at virginia. Edu is the ending for academic URLs.

und_rscor_@virginia._du with all the underscores replaced by 'e's

ude.ainigriv@esrever reversed

My name is John Doe. My email address is my first name plus my last initial at

This one should be really hard: