Office Hours

TA office hours will begin the week of January 25. Here are some things you should know about office hours for this course.

TA Office Hours

All TA office hours are held in Thornton Stacks, the large lab on the top floor of the A-wing of Thornton Hall. The office hours calendar can be found at the bottom of the Schedule page on the course website. If office hours are listed, then TAs should be available in Stacks. If no TAs are listed, even if office hours have happened at that time before, then office hours are canceled. Please always check the calendar before going to office hours as sometimes TAs have to cancel at the last minute (illness, etc.).

When you arrive, you should sign in to the OH Queue, found in Collab. When you sign up on the queue, look for the your seat location on a label on the table in Stacks you are sitting at. This is what you put in the location field when you sign in to the queue. The location field does not mean you can put your dorm room and the TAs will come to you - it’s your location in the Stacks lab.

Do note that we have over 600 students in this course, and the most TAs in office hours at any one time will be around three. Please arrive early and note that you will not receive immediate help and it’s likely the TAs will have to go back and forth between multiple groups of students. It is possible that the queue will be closed once the list is so long that the TAs cannot get to everyone before office hours concludes.

Please also respect the TAs' time. Each TA works 3 office hours per week, but they have their own classwork and activities. Save all your CS 1110 questions for actual office hours in Stacks, not when you happen to run into a TA at Chipotle.

Professor Office Hours

Professor office hours are held in their respective offices (Sherriff - Rice 401, Tychonievich - Rice 210, and Edwards - Rice 308). Each professor runs their office hours slightly differently, so when you arrive, check in as appropriate and wait your turn.