Here’s the deal with the wait list:

In order to come off the wait list, there has to be an open seat in BOTH the lecture and lab you are signed up for. If one or the other is not true, then SIS moves on to the next student who has the right combination.

Our main cap is the lab. The lab sessions in OLS 001 cannot go over 46 due to fire marshall limits. A couple seats in each lab are held back for a week or so to accommodate very special cases. If you feel you fall into this category, please fill out the form here:

Google Form for Special Cases

SEAS Students:

  • Fill out the form above. We have a commitment to get all SEAS students into a CS1 course in the Spring semester.

CLAS (and other schools) Students:

  • If you are a first year, we’re sorry, but you probably won’t get the course this semester.
  • If you are thinking about the BA major in CS, you need to take 1110 by your third semester. You still have plenty of time. If this is your third semester or later, fill out the form above.
  • If you are in a major that requires CS 1110 (Math, Cog Sci - note NOT Commerce!) and are either a third or fourth year, use the form above.

If you have previous programming experience:

Please consider taking CS 1111! It is meant for people with experience! If you have questions about this version of the course, please talk to one of the instructors.

Consider the other CS1 courses:

We are offering three other CS1 courses this semester: CS 1112 with Profs. Cohoon and Tychonievich (for students with no programming experience), CS 1113 with Prof. Horton (for SEAS students that probably won’t major in CS), and CS 1120 with Prof. Evans (for CLAS students). All of these are good options to consider and all count the same for prerequisites and major requirements!

We wish we could take everyone that wanted CS 1110 or CS 1111, but it’s simply not feasible with the room sizes and resources we have. Please do try again next semester if you can’t get in this time.

Let us know if you have any questions.