How to Swap Labs

If you are interested in swapping labs, here’s what you should do:

Create a new post in Piazza

Make sure to select the folder “lab_swap” along with the folders of the lab you want to swap OUT of and the lab you want to swap INTO. Include the following information in your post in the following format:

Name: Samantha Carter
ID: skc9rt
Want out of: lab 104 (2:00) - 17203
Want into: lab 102 (11:00) - 17201 or lab 109 (11:00) 17209

Please include the 5 digit section ID, as that will help us if a match is made.

If you and another student agree to a swap (and you are absolutely positive that you schedule works out and that there are no conflicts), one of you should email Prof. Sherriff ( with the information above, including names, IDs, and section ID numbers.

Section information can be found on Lou’s List at