Lecture 3 - The Case for CS

Lecture Date: Monday, January 25

There’s a large section of the syllabus we skipped over on Monday. The whole part about “what the class is about” and “why you are here.”

We’ll take time today to answer those questions. Why take CS1? What are the benefits? What exactly is in a CS1 course? What is CS? Should you be scared of taking a CS course if you have never programmed?

All of this and more!

(Spoiler - The answer to that last question is a resounding “NO!”)

We will also talk about just how bad the English language is at being specific about things. (What things, you may ask? Well, isn’t that part of the problem? :-) )

A little craft project will hopefully illustrate why we have programming languages and why they are written the way they are.

Slides - PDF

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12:00 Paper Airplanes - YouTube

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2:00 Paper Airplanes - YouTube